Your organization has had a difficult time getting the people with the right ski

Your organization has had a difficult time getting the people with the right skills in the right places and then keeping their skills up to date. The company has worked hard at identifying and hiring local talent, but the efforts have not been entirely successful. To the extent that it can, it has tried to accommodate local needs in its HRM system. However, it has found it difficult to carry out some of its initiatives because of the different ways of working in different areas. It has been difficult for people who transfer from one area to another to deal with the different HRM policies and procedures.
As a part of the overall review of HRM operations, the company is interested in identifying key factors that differentiate its global and domestic operations and in understanding how it can develop a more global approach to HRM.
With a focus primarily on the EU and Asian areas of operations, identify key factors that your organization should pay attention to in revising its approach to HRM. Consider, for example, the cultural, economic system, and legal and labor relations differences, in these areas of operation.
Discuss how these differences may affect specific HRM activities such as recruiting and staffing, training and development, compensation, performance management, and labor relations.
Finally, discuss how your organization should approach implementing HRM around the globe. Should it try to provide essentially a standardized, global HRM system or a highly specialized HRM system that is tailored to each location or region where it operates? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and which would you recommend?
Your write-up should be around a four page Microsoft Word document, using APA format and citing at least two references.

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