write an article on the role of the occupational therapist or social worker in the child protection process

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the role of the occupational therapist or social worker in the child protection process Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Child nurturing is a very sensitive exercise and requires careful attention to ensure that they grow to be responsible people with good manners in society (Friedlander 1976). The occupational therapists have therefore a big responsibility in ensuring that the children are brought up in a responsible way. This study sets out to explore the social worker’s views in regards to meeting the needs of children looked after. The focal point of discussion will be the views of the social workers as practitioners entrusted with the role of facilitators with respect to meeting the needs of children looked after, through contact with their birth families. Wenger (2000) stated that positive professional interventions combined with good quality contact between family members and children looked after is likely to lead to positive outcomes such as successful reunions and or stable relationship with family members. The influence social workers have in regard to arranging and managing contact for families is central in determining whether successful patterns of good quality contact for children looked after would be achievable.

The Role of the OT/SW in Child protection

Emotional Stability

Looked after children feelings and emotions, play an important role in their present and future life. There is a need for these children to understand and have knowledge on how to deal with emotions and feelings thus keeping them in focus. When there is no control, one loses focus hence may end up unstable and affect the performance and achievement of one’s mission and vision all together (Cleaver 2000). Therefore, effective communication with children becomes a factor in ascertaining their feelings and wishes. This, therefore, means that the social worker needs to play a major role in effecting this.

Behavioural Stability

In ensuring stable behavioural characteristics within looked after children, the Cognitive Behavioural Treatment Theory (CBT) is commonly utilised by the social workers.&nbsp.

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