Write an article on Community Coaching and Development Equity and Sport in the UK.

I will pay for the following article Community Coaching and Development, Equity and Sport in the UK. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. As opposed to conventional sports activities which are marked with less collective involvement and the greater emphasis on winning the game, community sport is more pervasive in participation by members of the society, has a more global mien, and is closely associated with higher ideals such as civil liberty, democracy, justice and improving the quality of human life. Because of this, community sports may also include swimming, football, American football, javelin throwing, athletics, jousting, motorised sports, cycling, wrestling, martial arts, boxing, and board games such as chess and droughts.

In the UK, community sports has tremendously helped the government improve social issues such as building the economy, making governance easier, fostering balanced gender relations and furthering educational values, as shall be seen in this discussion, forthwith.

The economic impacts of community sport over the last 5 decades cannot be gainsaid. The National Department of Sport and Recreation White Paper (NDSRWP)1998 notes that community sport has in the last 50 years stimulated economic progress through its physical activities which in turn have positively impacted health, and thereby, ultimately heightening productivity, nationally. Likewise, NDSRWP notes that community sport has through the entrenchment of sound health and physical fitness, significantly abated absenteeism at the workplace by 25%, over the last 5 years. This has ultimately increased the observation of 5-days-per-week work schedule.

At the same time, that (community) sports is one of the best paying occupations, is a matter that is well underscored by the huge emoluments that sportspersons receive. With these emoluments and awards, sportspersons have not only been able to improve the quality of their lives, but to also engage in philanthropy, as a way of empowering the underprivileged to gain sustainable access to public goods and social services such as education, healthcare services and social security (Sport England, 1997, 3).

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