Write a paper on visual art masaccio and van der weyden

I need some assistance with these assignment. visual art: masaccio and van der weyden Thank you in advance for the help! Deposition in oil on wood Larger in terms of size * smaller in terms of size

Contains six figures * contains 10 figures

Figures in three-dimensional presentations * figures in three-dimensional presentations

More subtle colors * vivid and colorful

Crucifix at the center with God * crucifix at the center with a

At the back of the crucifix figure of a servant at the back

Figures are dimensionally far apart * figures close to each other

Sense of space and volume more greater * space are constricted due to the nearness due to the depth perception of figures to each other

More space is visually imminent due to the tomb located below the figures giving more depth. The vault also exemplifies greater depth and volume in perspectives. The position of Mary, Jesus’ mother, bears the same position as Jesus which could exemplify the same meaning or expression of loss through Jesus’ death.

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