Write 5 pages with APA style on The River Keepers Analysis by Cronin & Kennedy.

Write 5 pages with APA style on The River Keepers Analysis by Cronin & Kennedy. Cronin, a commercial fisherman in the Hudson River, realized that the waters were extremely polluted and the possibility of fishing was almost impossible hence became an environmental activist. He founded Riverkeepers where he and Kennedy, chief attorney presented during prosecution, describe their experiences when they fought against environmental pollution.

The Riverkeepers describes the lives of those who found the importance of maintaining the river due to the benefits they received from it. “The Blessing of the Fleet” which is the initial essay talks more of a fisherman from Provincetown, Portugal. His descendants portrayed as superstitious and irascible came in the 19th century to America. Wilkinson, the author of the book, describes boat construction and the connection between the status and success of the fleet. The fisherman enjoys the fleet’s quality. A yearly ritual and practice are done to ensure the safety of the crew and the boats. Also, it is an indication of a prosperous year of fishing ahead. However, dangerous experiences may occur that may lead to the loss of fishermen and their boats in the bays due to ocean swells.

The experiences that John Cronin went through while monitoring the river are fully described. He was hired by Hudson fisherman’s association where he acts as a pilot of ‘Riverkeeper’ twenty-five-foot vessel. His main purpose was to find out the companies that dumped materials in the Hudson River and polluted it and produce evidence. He also kept records of fish spawning and noticed the general condition of the river.

In order to retain Hudson’s river beauty, two advocates were in a position to challenge some influential and powerful corporate and government polluters. In relation to the course materials and lecture materials, the book also enlightens us on how to fight for our essential rights and enjoy natural resources. It challenges the modern generation to rise against acts that are pollutant to the environment. Cronin and Kennedy show that once engaged in activities that advocate for a clean environment, there is joy in it.

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