Write 5 pages thesis on the topic culture socialization and the media.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic culture, socialization and the media. Unfortunately, the media has a skewed portrayal of women including those in influential positions a feature that systematically perpetuates the skewed contextualization and sexualization of girls from tender ages. The US culture propagates the underrepresentation of women owing to the society’s reliance on mass media products as the below analysis of the film entitled Miss Representation portrays.

Most of the mass media contents such as films and music videos portray girls as sex objects who must dress scantily and portray themselves in a sexually appealing manner. The urge to maximize sexual appeal is therefore an overriding desire in most of the young girls in American society. This validates the film’s claim that most of the 12-year-old girls in the country do not appreciate their bodies. The glorification of skinny women in the media products makes most of such young girls desire such small bodies. The young girls, therefore, begin changing their diets in an attempt to develop small and glorified bodies. This enhances the development of eating disorders in young girls. Additionally, the media has systematically become a prestigious section of society with most of the young girls desiring jobs in the media. This motivates the change of diets in an attempt to acquire the bodies that television and music videos glorify. Most of the twelve-year-old girls in the United States currently have varied eating disorders because of their attempts to change their physique.

A report by the task force on the sexualization of girls in the United States explains that sexualization when the value of an individual arises only from their sexual appeal. The eating disorders in young American girls are a fundamental social feature that validates the society’s consistent valuation of the girl child based on their sexual appeal. The girls, therefore, try to look sexy in order to feel valuable as portrayed by the mass media products in society. The film explains that depression rates in young girls in the United States have increased to double digits between 2000 and 2010. The increase in depression rates results from the hatred that the girls feel for their bodies, which they consider unattractive. Children gain weight as they grow.

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