Write 4 pages thesis on the topic the doctrine of ideas.

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic the doctrine of ideas. Accordingly, the focus of this particular analysis will be to analyze this particular quote and indicate why John Locke saw insular knowledge, even on the part of individuals that were relatively well-educated, as a waste of human potential and ultimately contrary to the concepts of science and continuing understanding that he believed it should define the future of humanity.

Interestingly, instead of using the case of a religious individual, or one that is not sufficiently educated, John Locke instead uses the example of a person that has achieved a degree of education and then returns to the countryside or to a specific “sect” of people. no longer blossoming or flourishing in the knowledge that they have learned and choosing to turn inwards upon oneself. Locke says “After learning in the university, he removes himself thence to his mansion house, and associates with neighbors of the same strain, who relish nothing, but hunting and a bottle” (Locke, 2010 p. 534). Within this particular line of argument, it is clear for the reader to see that Locke is especially judgmental of those individuals that have achieved a degree of knowledge and understanding from higher education and philosophical or scientific inquiry and squander it by turning inwards and wasting the talents that they have gained.&nbsp.There is, of course, a slightly biblical reference with regard to the servant that buried his talent and did not utilize it for when the master returned. Regardless of this, locks frustration with this particular behavior can be summarized into main aspects. The first of which is with respect to the fact that the talent itself is wasted and the benefit of humanity is not placed as a primal and fundamental goal towards which the individual ascribes.&nbsp.The second is with respect to the fact that the remaining energy of the individual is turned nothing productive and instead only focuses on entertainment.

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