When writing each essay, ensure that it is regulated, centered, and has distinct sub-points.

When writing each essay, ensure that it is regulated, centered, and has distinct sub-points. You should have facts or examples to back up your key points if appropriate. Aim for accuracy in your prose, both in terms of mechanical correctness and a mature style suitable for college-level writing. Each essay will be evaluated on the basis of its accuracy, thoroughness, logic, originality, and clarity. Plagiarism would result in an automatic loss. 300 words at least for each question.
Question 1: A highly successful real estate broker cleverly convinces his clients to list their property at a selling price that is 10% below the market value of their property. This means the broker receives a slightly lower commission on each sale but he makes more sales per month, thus more profit for the broker. Critically assess this situation using the theories of Ethical Egoism and John Stuart Mill, comparing and contrasting the two views in detail.
Question 2: William David recently located a distant second cousin who was sold into slavery in another country. Informing the authorities would jeopardize her life, so William David spends his life savings to go overseas and buy her out of slavery. Once she is freed he legally marries her so she can live safely in the United States. Carefully assess this scenario by using Kant’s theory. Use the scenario to show the strengths and weaknesses of Kant’s theory.
Question 3: Suppose you are the overseas manager of a company that manufactures clothes in Haiti, a country that has been extremely poor for decades. The workers are paid way below the American minimum wage, but for the last ten years your company has made exceptional profits while providing affordable clothing to American consumers. This is very typical of other American clothing companies operating in Haiti. Assess this situation using Rawls’ Theory of Justice. Start by explaining Rawls’ Original Position and the two principles of justice that come from the Original Position, then apply the principles to the scenario. Do Rawls’ principles of justice support the business activity of these companies? Do these companies need to do anything differently, according to Rawls’ theory? Make a statement to the public that explains your recommendations.
Question 4: Give a thorough description of capitalism, including its different historical stages. Karl Marx claimed the capitalist system undergoes significant changes over time. What exactly are these changes? Where can one see them in America (both past and present)? In what ways does Corporate America reflect Marx’s theory? What would Adam Smith say about Corporate America today?
Question 5: Describe an original scenario of whistle-blowing and evaluate it using either the Standard Theory of Whistle-blowing or the Complicity Theory of Whistle-blowing.
Question 6: Explain why business ethics is important in our time. Draw on everything we have learned this semester and use plenty of examples to illustrate your points.

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