The Underground Railroad: What were the methods used? What was the impact?

 Detailed instructions: 1. Thesis statement. Take a clear position and precisely state the argument you will make in your research paper. You must have a thesis statement and defend it with carefully chosen, detailed evidence. The thesis must be clear and contain (in succinct form) the main points you will cover in your paper. The structure and order of the thesis should reflect the structure and order in your paper. 2. Organize your evidence carefully. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that clearly links back to your thesis. Avoid making historical claims without making sure you provide sufficient evidence to prove your claim. You must use in-text citations per MLA format. 3. Document, document, document. At a minimum, you must use two scholarly, academic, well-researched secondary sources that come from offline scholarly, academic printed books and academic journals. You cannot use textbooks (including your course textbook), encyclopedia articles, juvenile non-fiction books or articles, blogs, chats, or wiki sites (especially Wikipedia) as the two mandatory sources for your paper. You can also cite online versions of scholarly articles from academic journals that are available in offline print. Keep in mind that every borrowed idea or phrase must be documented with in-text citations and a “Works Cited” section using MLA format. 4. State your conclusion. Your conclusion must support your thesis, and should tie into your introduction. 5. Write clearly and concisely. You do not have space to waste words. Make every single sentence count. Use direct quotes sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. Grammar, spelling, and style do count. Use spell-check and grammar check as a minimum. 6. Format properly. Double-space (“0” point) your paper, with one-inch margins, using Times New Roman 12 font in MLA format. You must include a Works Cited section per MLA format. If you opt to use the “Works Cited” page as the 5th page, there must be a minimum of 4 and ½ pages of text.

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