The Question Roll Two Fair Dice Each Die Has Six Faces List The Sample Space 1 1

The question ; Roll two fair dice. Each die has six faces.a. List the sample space. {1,1;1,2:1,3;1,4;1,5;1,6;2,1;2,2;2,3;2,4;2,5;2,6;3,1;3,2;3,3;3,4;3,5;3,6;4,1;4,2;4,3;4,4;4,5;4,6;5,1;5,2;5,3;5,4;5,5;5,6;6,1;6,2;6,3;6,4;6,5;6,6;}b. Let A be the event that either a three or four is rolled first, followed by an even number. Find P(A). (This is where I am stuck ) 3,2; 3,4; 3,6; 4,2;4,4;4,6 now what do I do…. HELP

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