The Quantity E P2c2 Is An Invariant In Relativity Theory

The quantity E-p2c2 is an invariant in relativity theory. This means that the quantity E2-p2c2has the same value in all inertial frames even though E and p have different values in differentframes. Show this explicitly by considering the following case. A particle of mass m ismoving in the +x direction with speed u and has momentum p and energy E in the frame S. (a)If S’ is moving at speed v in the standard way, find the momentum p’ and energy E’ observedin S’. (Hint: Use the Lorentz velocity transformation to find p’ and E’. Does E=E’ and p’? (b)Show that E2-p2c2 is equal to E’2-p’2c’2.Share:by email on facebook on twitter

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