The next technology threat to the management of organizations and companies.

This assignment is a group project and this order is to only focus on the first three sections/presentation slides. It must have a project summary of the presentation in 250-300 words and a reference page of all sources used. Each slide is to have two sources and all sources are to have a URL or DOI link on the references page. Use scholarly and professional online library sources to locate at least ten (10) sources in support of your responses. Five of these sources must be articles published within the last five (5) years Slide 1: Introduction • Introduce group members (Names are to be labeled as Group member 1, 2, and 3.) • Introduce group topic (Use the following topic question and revise to fit with presentation. “We live in a world in which is technology driven and immersion seems to be the only hope for keeping up with the times. That said, to what extent should we be concerned how threats to this technology affects our organization and the way the managers manage?xx Slide 2: What are the some of the current ‘technology threats’? • Provide some background information of current technology threats • Describe some of the backlash that has happened Slide 3: What are the top possible ‘next technology threats’? • Provide some information of this technology threat • How could this affect companies/organizations? • Is there a way to mitigate the backlash if this becomes reality? Slide 4: What are the top possible ‘next technology threats’? (Included to provide transitional phrase. (Not to be completed, only included as assistance in creating a transitional phrase.)

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