The Imperfect, Unfinished Work of Women’s Suffrage (reaction paper)

Each paper should be one full page but no more than two pages double spaced (times new roman 12 pt., 1-inch margins) and should include appropriate citations for any work other than the assigned article used or referenced in the paper. Use MLA format for the paper 2. The first paragraph should list the title of the arti9cle, the authors’ complete name, the date published, and the publisher as well as a brief summary of the main point of the article. 3. Subsequent articles should be your reaction to the article: did you agree or disagree with the author, why? Are there points that the author made that are important? Dis the author miss critical information? Etc. 4. Finally do you recommend this article to others why or why not? 5. If you use outside facts, information or opinions you must cite them using MLA format. If you only use information from the article and list the information about the article in paragraph 1, you do not need in text citations or a works cited page.

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