The diversity of women’s experiences.

Refer the utiline to the major paper. As this course introduces feminist analyses of sex, gender, race, sexuality, class, ability and age, your topic must attend to the diversity of women’s experiences. Be prepared to discuss the experiences of women living in countries in both the economic north and the economic south in relation to your topic. As part of the persuasive and unique analysis, you are encouraged to provide a self-reflexive component of why this topic interests you and is relevant. Consider the following as you write: A good paper should demonstrate an understanding of the topic in both breadth and depth, written with empathetic tone and cultural sensitivity. Apply principles of feminist inquiry and demonstrate your familiarity with terminology that hopefully has grown over the course (a review of unit 3 might help here). Consider placing your topic within a relevant historical context (see unit 2). Refer to unit 1 for what intersectionality means and the need for countering generalizations about gender. You should be able to actively challenge the Western tendency to uncritically celebrate the economic north and denigrate the economic south as it pertains to your topic. Furthermore, you must closely attend to the ways that oppression is actively resisted and the creative strategies that are developed. You are encouraged to reflect and observe by, for example, stating what drew you to this topic. Why is the topic relevant? Do you have firsthand experience or a developing interest? In what way has your perspective been affected or changed? What opportunities at a local level can you as a member of a university community or other community affect change? Finally, follow the format for referencing your sources using Parenthetical Citation outlined in Style for Documentation under the Resources section. For further suggestions on writing research papers, see A Guide to Writing Academic Papers.

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