By viewing both The Twilight Zone (S1,E15) “I SHOT AN ARROW”(25 min.) and Black Mirror (S2,E2) “WHITE BEAR” (42min) you will have bridged from a classic TV show of the Sixties to one of the most current of the Twenty first Century. Both deal, in part, with an ambiguous moral message and surprising twist. Your assignment; After “looking at” both episodes, READ THESE TWO ARTICLES: http://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/the-twilight-zone/268924/8-ways-the-twilight-zone-influenced-modern-tv-and-film http://wickedhorror.com/features/editorials/black-mirror-modern-twilight-zone/ NOW YOU CAN WRITE YOUR JOURNAL POST: 1. Compare the two series and these specific episodes in terms of genre, influence, audience and overall content/form/context. 2. What, if any, character/story elements were similar in both episodes and what and how was the message of Morality expressed by each show. 3. Analyze, and compare the production elements of both The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror episodes (cinematography, editing, etc. as best you can) and how did they help (or hinder) the storytelling.

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