submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Videotape reflection.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Videotape reflection. I went further ahead in providing outstanding examples on the same. However, after a long talk I realized that she was not informed on the available learning points. For instance, she felt displaced when I used terms such as accommodation. I however took the professional role of explaining to her in detail what the course entailed. In addition, I realized that on top of missing critical information, my communication skills were wanting. In particular, my language was not active which upset him a little. I was poorly composed throughout the meeting.

I began appropriately while composed. I introduced myself to Mrs. Shorts as well. I present the purpose of the meeting. Secondly, I never felt pressured to make important decisions. In fact, I explained everything to Mrs. Shorts, leaving her to make the decisions.

I let Mrs. Shorts know that she can trust me. I avoided discussing too many negative issues of Chris. in fact, I focused on building Chris academically only. Equally, important I presented Chris agenda in a professional way leaving Mrs. Shorts to make critical decisions. However, I faced challenges in how I expressed myself, in light with conveying critical information. As well, I was a bit nervous while talking to Mrs. Shorts.

Convincingly, I realized that in order to get composed for the discussion, I had to introduce Chris topic early. that is literacy development and academic success. I went forth to explain the importance of the collaborative relationship between Mrs. Shorts and me. I as well was obliged in accepting that parents view their role in different ways, which made me more knowledgeable about cultural diversity, and it affected my relationship with Mrs. Shorts.

I build parents’ knowledge of literacy procedures where I assumed that Mrs. Shorts was supporting Chris learning. I even enquired how the boy performed while at home.

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