submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Plan for Fire Assessment in Different Buildings.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Plan for Fire Assessment in Different Buildings. Fire risk assessment consists of many components. Planning is done stepwise to determine the fire risks a building might be subjected to and to devise appropriate precautions accordingly.

A fire in many-storied buildings is usually hazardous. It poses threats like burning and death due to suffocation. Proper fire assessment is required in huge buildings to ensure safety against fire. Buildings especially workplaces usually have a risk management team for such assessment.

Many deadly fire accidents have been reported in the past few years. Some of them were due to a lack of proper risk management. There is a scarcity of research showing what could have been done to avoid so many deaths. The reason why this area needs to be researched is to make an effort to avoid such incidents in the future.

It will be useful to start with some material on the first step in fire risk assessment, i.e identifying the risk. Stowell, 2001 (as cited in Bill Myer’s study for Gwinnett country department of fire and emergency services) states:

“The risk identification process can be accomplished by making a list of potential problems in each area of operation……sources of information can be local data, experts in the area of operation, and national statistics available from other departments, the National Fire Academy and the national fire protection association”

“The following steps should be carried out when completing a fire risk assessment:&nbsp.Identify potential hazards in the workplace, &nbsp.Decide who might be harmed in the event of a fire in the workplace or while trying to escape from it,&nbsp.Evaluate the risks arising from the hazards and decide whether existing control measures are adequate or whether more should be done, &nbsp.Record the findings of the fire risk assessment,&nbsp.Develop an action plan for the implementation of further control&nbsp.measures and&nbsp.Review the fire risk assessment.

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