Response paperChoose one of the following 3 possibilitiesPortrayal of Medea in Euripides, Medea (https// and in Seneca, Medea (http//

Response paper
Choose one of the following 3 possibilities:
– Portrayal of Medea in Euripides, Medea ( and in Seneca, Medea (
– The Trojan Horse – episode in Euripides, Trojan Women 511-567 (, in Vergil, Aeneid 2.1-56 (, and in Homer, Odyssey 4. 220-289 (
– Description of the shield of Achilles (Homer, Iliad 18.478-608)( with the one of Aeneas (Vergil, Aeneid 8. 626-731)(
Compare and contrast the figures and events described in the two myths or episodes, and demonstrate how they contain important insight or wisdom for an ancient and/or modern audience.
Keep in mind the following guidelines:
1. Your paper should be 1,000 words long.
2. Proofread carefully. With today’s computer spell and grammar checks, there is no excuse for sloppy errors.
3. Be sure to submit your paper on Canvas. Late papers will be seriously penalized. No submissions by e-mail will be accepted.
5. Due date: Sunday, April 29 (11:59 PM)

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