research paper on stereotypes and the tourist role.

Need an research paper on stereotypes and the tourist role. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. Quite often professionals and other players in the tourism sector such as tour operators, guides, and travel agencies tend to view tourists as a homogenous lot whose roles can only be defined by their cultural or national backgrounds as opposed to understanding each of the tourists as an individual. Generally, the tourist role has increasingly been affected by prejudiced views and stereotypes (Selstad, 2012). Although stereotypes in tourism are often linked with conflicts, prejudiced practices that are usually directed against tourists tend to be overlooked (Robinson, 1999).

According to many authors, stereotypes in tourism are sometimes closely related to conflicts both in theory and in practice. For example, a significant number of tourists have always been considered to be as unwelcome as the immigrants and this is particularly attributed to the belief that just like immigrants, tourists may upset the normal cultural equilibrium of a territorial entity or a society. Since most tourists tend to come outside the country or society, their presence is no usually readily accepted. Consequently, the higher the number of tourists, the higher the conflict and disturbance they are likely to cause. On the other hand, other researchers argue that the level of tolerance of the tourists in the host society or region depends on the group sociology mechanisms such as the in-group or outgroup mechanisms. Tourism may also result in conflicts when a large horde of tourists are viewed as a threat to the intrinsic social values of the host culture.

Yiannakis and Gibson (1999) established that the tourist role’s preference is linked to the place where a person lives in his/her adult life. On the other hand, the second school of thought is an analysis of the impact of stereotyping of tourist role on the discriminatory practices that are created by the authorities in the destination places (Lee, Law andMurphy, 2011. Jacobsen et al., 2012). Hence, there is an enormous collection of work on the tourism industry, tourist role, and the challenges faced by the players of the industry.

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