Public vs. Private Company Controls Standards.

Option #1: Public vs. Private Company Controls Standards.
Your long-time client, Colorado Company, has been growing fast, prompting the board to consider taking the
company public. CEO Billy Jean has heard that due to the Sarbanes–Oxley Act, costs have increased
significantly when operating a public company. Jean is especially apprehensive with reports that he can
anticipate double the audit fees due to the internal control provisions of the Act and PCAOB Auditing Standard
No. 2201. Jean has asked you to explain how the Sarbanes–Oxley requirements may affect the audit.
Organize and share your thoughts if the company decides to go public. How would complying with the
Sarbanes–Oxley and PCAOB Auditing Standard No. 2201 change the company’s responsibilities for internal
control? Then use your thoughts to:
• Describes the changes in internal controls (due to PCAOB and Sarbanes-Oxley standards) needed once they
become a public company.
Your deliverable should be 3-4 pages in length. Please type your response in a Word document and follow APA

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