Prompt Take some time and consider challenges you face in your academic and gene

Take some time and consider challenges you face in your academic and general life success. Issues some of us have faced in our academic efforts have included relatively minor things like kids having the flu to major issues like domestic violence, incarceration, homelessness, divorce, or unexpected job loss. There are ways to succeed in life and school even with challenges like these. But solutions do not usually come on their own. Thought and planning are needed to effectively and efficiently overcome challenges.
Consider a personal challenge you think you may face or are facing. You might also choose a weakness you know you have that impacts school or life. (An example of a weakness may be difficulty focusing on assignments.)
Write your initial post describing the challenge or weakness and give an example of how it might impact you. Then write about one way you could overcome the challenge or weakness.
Your main post should be at least 150 words. Normally, discussions require at least one source, but not this one. Focus on your own thoughts this time.
You will also respond to at least two other students.
Your responses should be at least 50 words each. Typically replies should:
Push the conversation in the same direction as the post. Example: “Shauna, you make an excellent point. As additional evidence of that, I found…”,
Challenge the conversation. Example: “Though you have a good source, I think this other fact noted by Jason Bell in this article carries more weight…”,
or Guide the conversation in a relevant tangent. Example: “I think you make a good argument. In addition, if you consider X, you can see that Y also applies to this…”
However, for this discussion, your replies should just focus on additional positive ways the writer could overcome the challenge or weakness they mention. Don’t just cheer them on with their solution, add to the solution with other ideas or ways to make their proposed solution stronger.

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