prepare and submit a paper on the ymca.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the ymca. To create a child daycare center the YMCA must identify the space for the project. Then it must invest in infrastructure improvements as well as equipment and accessories for the daycare center. The required human resource and its monthly cost must be determined.

The second cash flow aspect of the project would be once the center is built. The YMCA must pay for maintenance expenses, payroll, utilities, and other expenses associated with the daycare center. The demand for the services might exceed the supply capacity of the center. The company should establish a fee to the mothers or fathers of children that are attended in the daycare center in order to cover operating expenses. The weekly fee for services in the child daycare of the YMCA should be below market value for similar services in the community. Despite the YMCA’s best intentions, there is no way that the YMCA can offer the child daycare services for free. If it was free the center would receive an incredible amount of applications since everyone desires free child daycare services.

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