Powerpoint assignment | social welfare policy | Stephen F. Austin State University


Policy Presentation Requirements:

will include a power point presentation.  (I CREATED THE POWERPOINT ALREADY JUST ADD Questions 1- 7 a.b.c.d) ” 

***Presentations should also include the following information:

1. Analyze and conduct a thorough review of the social problem 

2. Present and discuss one social welfare policy

3. Apply the six fundamental policy elements and the unique evaluation criteria to the policy

4. Address the effectiveness and efficiency of the chosen policy

5. Provide a critical analysis of the problem (different/various perspectives) in relation to policy

6. Discuss feasible recommendations for policy revision/change

7. Include an evaluation of the policy’s importance to and impact on its applicable:

a. Diverse/various client populations

b. Client systems including individuals, families, small groups, communities, and organizations

c. Implications for social work practice

d. Discussion of the policy’s congruence with social work values and ethics

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