Police Brutality

Topic Police Brutality 

Source Critique Criteria – SUMMARY RESPONSE ESSAY Your source critique will consist of one paragraph (12 sentences in length minimum) addressing a source’s opinion on one primary issue you hopefully raised in the last paragraph of Essay #1 (things you hope to learn more about). The paragraph will contain the following: • Background information on the author o What credentials make the author’s opinion worthy of recognition? • What is the author’s opinion on the issue? o Use quotes to confirm the author’s opinion, and explain the author’s opinion in your own words. • What evidence does the author provide in support of their opinion? o Use quotes to confirm the evidence the author uses and explain how the evidence confirms the author’s opinion. After you prepare this paragraph, you will submit the Works Cited reference for the source at the bottom of the page. Evaluation criteria for every source (This is what the source MUST BE to be usable as a source critique): • The Source must be REPUTABLE o The source must prove worthy of giving an opinion on the issue

• The source must be OPINION-BASED o The source cannot be simply presenting all opinions on an issue. The source must have their own opinion on the issue, and they must present it in the source you cite. • The source must be VALID o The source must demonstrate validity by providing EVIDENCE in support of their opinion. – ALL source critiques put together will form the summary response paper- including an introduction and conclusion. Summary/Response Paper Objectives • To create a forum for students to read arguments • To provide an opportunity for students to utilize critical thinking • To enhance writing skills • To narrow the focus of an issue

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Police brutality

-The essay is argumentative essay which means I am debating. And I want you to write how a lot of police are taking advantage of their power on the criminal people and also innocent people. -The essay is 3 to 5 pages it must have: -Introduction -body paragraph (reason1), the body paragraph must have Topic sentence, explanation of the issue, examples that prove my point, analysis and summary and smooth transaction. -count argument( recognize opposing views and refute) -conclusion( restate your claim, use your major argument points and emphasize your case) I want you to label each paragraph.

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