Please write a rhetorical analysis of Carrolls Backpacks vs. Briefcases” in me

Please write a rhetorical analysis of Carroll’s “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” in memo format to the marketing staff of a company (you’re the Director of Marketing).Show how the ideas and concepts shared in this reading will help the marketing staff compose and create better proposals and products for clients. Your memo will include the following: a brief introductory paragraph (opening paragraph); a summary section; an analysis section; and a conclusion about Carroll’s reading. The introduction provides the author’s full name (when first mentioned; every time after use the last name); the title of the reading; and what you will do in this memo (your purpose). The summary then discusses the overall purpose of the reading and the major points. You can also include who, what, where, and when here.
For the analysis, please conduct a rhetorical analysis as discussed by Carroll: how is Carroll’s reading a rhetorical situation? What is the exigence that inspired her text as a response? Who is this intended audience? What are some of her constraints (and affordances)? How does she use the appeals (ethos, logos, pathos)? What else do you need to share with your marketing staff?
In the conclusion tell your readers why/how this matters to them (“So what?”); how should we move forward with this information? Call on them to think critically about rhetoric, marketing, and persuasion (or other things you want the reader to think about after reading your memo).

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