Please submit the Final Project Marketing Plan and Implementation to the grade b

Please submit the Final Project Marketing Plan and Implementation to the grade book. Your submission should be a minimum of 6 pages written in APA format, including a cover page and a reference page.In this course, the role of Marketing is introduced with readings, lectures, activities and discussions that aligned with various organizational goals and objectives. The customer and the value of the customer experience were presented with a direct connection to business performance and predictability through the use of metrics. Market analysis, through the use of market segmentation, market potential and strategies, was applied to examine the market along with approaches to increase market share. In the Marketing Mix presentation we took a close look at the 4 P’s of marketing, products, prices, promotions, and places. These foundations have prepared you for this final project. Creating a marketing plan along with appropriate metrics for a new or existing product that analyzes market performance and predictability.
Practice:  In any organization you will serve a role in the marketing plan and implementation. This final project will prepare you for that role. Prepare a marketing plan and make sure it follows the listed criteria:
Revise and edit versions of Activity 3 from Units 1-5 that you previously submitted
Writing is organized, clear, grammatically correct and follows APA Style Guide
Final project must have a cover sheet and a table of contents
Each unit activity has a heading that follows APA Style Guide
Unit 1 Marketing: Introduction to Marketing: A Marketing Plan Aligned with Organizational Objectives
Unit 2 Marketing: Market Analysis Using Market Segmentation, Market Potential, And Strategies
Unit 3 Marketing: The Customer and the Customer Experience
Unit 4 Marketing: The Marketing Mix and Strategic Marketing Management
Unit 5 Marketing: Apply Metrics to Measure Marketing Performance
Please submit your Unit #6 Final Project Activity #3 to the grade book.

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