Please Answer On These Question For These Sources Posters And Write A Longer Par

Please answer on these question for these sources-posters and write a longer part for 1. and 2. question under the sources. thanks

Suggested Format for Success

Brief introduction regarding the challenges to liberalism. Use the readings. 3-5 sentences.

Source 1 paragraph 4-7 sentences

 … the source about?

 …2. Is the source addressing?

 …3. did it occur?

 …4.did it occur?

 …5. was the source created?

6 .What is the challenge to liberalism in this source? 

7. Is the resistance to liberalism in this sources justified in this source? Why/details

  • 1. What each of the sources presented communicate to you about the challenges to liberalism?


  • 2. Is each group’s resistance to liberalism justified?
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