Place The Following Events Of Stomatal Opening In Correct Order

Place the following events of stomatal opening in correct order.

(A) proton pump moves H+ out of guard cells (B) guard cells change shape and pore

appears (C) leaf is exposed to light (D) water diffuses into guard cells

(E) K+ actively transported into guard cells

1. A-E-D-B-C

2. E-C-D-B-A

3. A-C-D-B-E

4. C-E-A-B-D

5. C-A-E-D-B

Horizontal movement of materials in woody plants occurs in

1. bud scales

2. cortex

3. rays

4. lenticels

5. pith rays

In daytime, most plants lose ______ and take up _________ .

1. water; carbon dioxide

2. water; oxygen

3. carbon dioxide; oxygen

4. carbon dioxide; water

5. Both 1 and 2

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