Outline for technical report with references

 Topic:  Methods used in Cyber Warfare 

Create an outline to be used to write the technical report.  Based on the topic you selected, what categories of information should be included in the paper?  If you were the reader of the report what would you want to know about the topic?  In addition to these considerations, an outline can be created using the information in the articles you have identified.

Headings required in the paper are the following; include other headings as needed.




Other major headings as needed

Subheadings as needed

Conclusions or summary


Include in this document a list of articles you have found so far which you are considering for inclusion in the report.  List the URLs and the title of the article. The article list does not have to be APA format for this assignment.  After each URL write a one sentence (or very short) summary of the contents of the article.  This information will be useful to you as you write your first draft.  It will help you to determine where the information in the article fits in your paper outline.

Put the outline and articles in a Word document and name the file as follows.


Must be submitted on time to receive credit for this assignment.

You may have to make changes to the outline as you proceed to write the first draft of the report.  For the next week or two you can change your topic if you find a different topic which has more interest and/or for which more articles are available.  If this happens, send me a direct email with the reason for requesting a change.  I will respond to the message.