Our fourth reading response will be hacha by craig santos perez. he


Our fourth reading response will be Hacha by Craig Santos Perez. He is a poet from Guam and this is the very first book written in English by anyone from his Chamorro tribe.

You are to read the whole excerpt. It is prose poetry once again and not as long of a read as Dictee. We will be talking about the aesthetics of this reading and how it can translate to what you all can do in your own works. You are to write the two-paragraph reading response.

Reading Reflection Requirements:

At least one direct quote from the reading that resonated with you. Do not give a summary of the reading. Imagine that you are discussing your opinions about the reading with someone. These reading responses will be used to prepare you for discussions in class.

You can compile some questions for the author.

You can respond to something that was said that really bothered you or excited you.

You can respond to a section or concept that made you think from a different perspective?

You can discuss if there was anything useful from the reading that you would like to utilize within your own studio practice?

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