Observations about psychology

 Write out a short proposal for your research. Give me a general explanation of the sociological social psychological principles and theories you expect to use in your paper. Justify why you think the theory works or why it doesn’t. Tell me why you think that your topic is important. Does this theory change your perspective on certain issues or within your personal life? The final paper will need to answer these questions: •What is microsociology? Be sure to explain this fully. See Chapters 1 & 2 in the textbook. Remember, the audience for your paper has no background in sociology. That means you have to break things down to their most basic ideas in your explanation. • How does sociological social psychology differ from psychological social psychology? Tell me about sociology and psychology and how, even when studying the same things, their perspectives differ. See Chapter 1 in the textbook. •Describe the norms, social structure and group relations. Be detailed! Formally state what the norms are for behavior in your setting. It can help to imagine someone doing something strange! Would it not be weird to go to a sports event and see a person reading a book? Thus, we know that the norms at a sports event are to watch the game, cheer when your team scores and perhaps even jump up and down when they win! •How did you feel before, during and after completing your observation? Do you think a person who is different from you would notice the same things you did and interpret them in the same way? Did you experience any emotions during this (Chapter 10)? Were you nervous or happy? Can you apply any of the concepts we have learned in this course to how you feel having completed this project? Perhaps mastery (Chapter 5)? Next, think about being a person who is very different from you. Do you think, put in the same situation with the same instructions, that person might have noticed different things from the ones you noticed? Why? •What sociological social psychology theory or theories can be used to understand your observations? This should be the biggest part of your paper! Now the fun part! Explain, cite and use as many course concepts as you can to sociologically interpret the actions of the people you or situation you are writing about. Did you notice anyone being deviant? If so, check out ideas from Chapter 7. What about the ways people were using impression management (Chapter 5) to send messages to others? Use your articles to back up the assertions you make. The text book is:Rohall, David E., Melissa A. Milkie and Jeffrey W. Lucas. 2014. Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives, 3rd ed. Boston, MA: Pearson.

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