Need an argumentative essay on Westward Hilton Hotel. Needs to be 2 pages. Pleas

Need an argumentative essay on Westward Hilton Hotel. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Credit acquiring rules had increased the capital cost making it difficult for buyers to get the loan and acquire the property. In Phoenix market also the supply was increasing and demand to reduce. This means that the customers were declining and this could be as a result of United Stated recession (Cathy, 2009). In choosing to retain the hotel in the portfolio the organization could face some consequences. The hotel business was declining through the rest of portfolio was operating effectively (Cathy, 2009). This means that in keeping the hotel in the portfolio, income from other portfolios will be used to support the hotel business. If the hotel is not generating profit or enough income to cater for expenses like wages, power then it means money will be outsourced from another portfolio to cater for the expenses. This will lead to the collapse of all portfolios if the hotel will not peek in a short period of time (Chen and Clarke, 2007). Question Three Some of the Hillers general business and human resources strategies are compatible while others are not compatible. Green focused on removing the obstacles or things which hindered the business from progressing. Buying of the undervalued properties can sometimes lead to the loss. Hiller can fail to obtain a buyer due to raising in the loan interests. If the organization does not get a buyer for some time, it may lack capital for future operations. The human resource strategies currently in place are compatible with training is offered to employees.

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