Need an argumentative essay on Milkman and Guitars Conflict. Needs to be 5 pages

Need an argumentative essay on Milkman and Guitars Conflict. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
This essay discusses that Milkman leaps to him in the frenzy and it all calms down. The ending of their conflict is full of suspense. It is not known whether the two kill each other or what happens when Milkman leaps to guitar after killing his aunt.Although the two characters, milkman, and guitar, come from very different backgrounds they share a love for each other that is somewhat brotherly. Milkman is wealthy while the guitar is poor. Guitar teachers milkman the ways of the world like going to pool halls and parties. They enjoy life together and party with women and have fun. In the midst of this entire fun guitar who hates black people because of what he sees as black oppression decides to do something about the situation. On the other hand, milkman dose does not see why the guitar is bothered by such issues while they should be enjoying life as usual. This unconcerned nature of milkman significantly enhanced by his wealthy background cause the drift between them. Guitar joins a black people movement the seven days and fights for black people’s rights. In the course of all this, they differ with milkman in almost every issue from racial issue to milkman’s womanizing and partying ways. Guitar hates milkman and tries to kill him. This anger if fuelled by guitars feeling of being swindled by milkman of his gold. He tries to strangle milkman but does not succeed. He waits for him in Shalimar and shoots him only to accidentally kill milkman’s aunt Pilate. Thus their conflict is not ultimately solved as it is left in suspense.

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