-must have a good title

 7 full pages due 10pm

Flight by Denzel Washington

Alcoholic Pilot that Crashed

Essay Requirement:

-Must have a good title

-Minimum seven pages

-This essay is not a summary of the movie, needs to have a thesis that asserts an arguable claim about the text based on any critical strategy. THIS ESSAY COULD DISCUSS THE ISSUES OF ALCOHOLISM. Thesis should be linked to alcoholism and movie.

-Could also bring up the problem in the essay that we are having constant plane crashes and relate it to a bigger topic.

-Essay should demonstrate ability to balance close textual analysis with MLA style research on a broader topic supported by the texts under analysis.

-Professor asked in class for 6 reliable sources, but said we could turn it in with 4-5 and that’s okay. No less than 4. They need to be scholarly or professional sources that support your observations/analysis about the text, for example, a scholarly article on your selected subject, author or related topic.

-Submitted in MLA format


Just please make sure the thesis is strong and it’s not really a summery of the film but more an analysis of the issue I presented, (how people in the movie were affected by the pilot being an alcoholic. You could talk about the movie too. That’s fine.

Also make sure it’s minimum 7 pages and minimum 4 trusted sources. And everything MLA style, even the work cited

Thank you so much! Take your time with it. It’ll be great to have it Friday evening, if possible

Below is what my Professor stated in the rubric if you want to reference:

Choose any film (a feature length, short, or animated work) and write a seven page analysis of your subject using any combination of the critical strategies discussed in this class, such as the issue, conclusions, and reasons you feel are presented in the movie. The paper should demonstrate your ability to balance close textual analysis with MLA style research on a broader topic supported by the texts under analysis. Your thesis should forward an arguable interpretation and/or evaluation of the text’s value, impact, or significance according to the criteria of any of the critical strategies covered so far.

Hey! I actually wanted to let you know something. From what I remembered, I thought the pilot crashed with everyone on the plane while drunk. He did have a drinking problem. Just read a little about it and in fact, there was a mechanical issue with the plane and he ended up saving everyone and was a hero. But he still was questioned about being drunk, they were suspicious of him. I’m sure you’d your own research. Just wanted to let you know there was no crash nor he was drunk on that flight. Thanks!  

Actually he might’ve be intoxicated with drugs on the flight, not completely sure. I’m going to leave it up to you.  

and you can also talk about the prostitute, Nicole, in the film and how prostitution affects society too.