Modern women’s freedoms and rights in America

We see here, on the brink of Civil War, the fruits of women’s increasing ability to attain the higher attributes of Maslow’s Hierarchy. In this week’s reading, you’ve encountered the talents and intellects of female authors and philosophers. These brilliant thinkers represent the mothers of modern women’s freedoms and rights in America; they are our proto-feminists. Consider what you’ve learned of early movements for Native American rights and Emancipation as they are reflected in earlier writers’ works. Identify at least 3 ideas/themes from earlier writers and works that are carried forward in this week’s readings and explain their significance. Do their words and voices find resonance in the efforts of empowered women in contemporary America? Sources: Margaret Fuller (803-814) Harriet Jacobs (878-899) Rebecca Harding Davis (1219-1246) Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (1241-1245)

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