Mexican American History Blog Project


* Design your blog with the goal of teaching students of today and future students about the most significant
aspects of your chosen topic (see list below) as it has developed since the 1940s.
* Focus on the ways in which the Mexican Americans associated with your topic had a significant role in
society or the historical processes (economic, political, and social) that the U.S. went through since the 1940s.
Consider whether their actions were extraordinary or, perhaps, mundane, but with extraordinary outcomes.
* Make sure to address the following:
1. What is the topic that you find relevant to research?
2. How has it been discussed recently?
3. What historical developments led to the contemporary state of the topic/issue?
4. What is significant about that history?
5. How does your research on Mexican American history inform the present?
6. What lesson is learned by applying the historical lens to your issue/topic?



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