Management & organization behavior class three different discussions

Hi, here three different Discussions, I attached the book if you need it

Discussion 1: Leadership 


1. Define the terms management and leadership, in your own words are there any differences?

2. Identify 4 leadership theories

3. List 4 personal traits of a good leader

4. Distinguish between charismatic and transformational leaders

5. How can you be a better leader?

Discussion 2:  MOTIVATION 


1. Define the term motivation

2. Identify 4 major factors that motivate people

3. In your own opinion does money motivate people? Discuss

4. Identify 4 major factors for employee job satisfaction

5. What are 3 of the consequences of employee dissatisfaction

Discussion 3:  COMMUNICATION 


1. How can teams contribute to an organization’s effectiveness

2. Describe different types of teams

3. Identify ways to manage conflicts

4. Explain one-way and two-way communication

5. Identify the various types of communication

6. Explain 3 things you can do to improve communication in the organization