M6a2: homework 2 what is your regression forecasting formula?


In this assignment you will use MS Excel to develop a “simple linear regression formula”. NOTE TO PRODUCTION- INCLUDE DIRECTIONS FOR EXCEL. I UPLOADED THEMN TO BASECAMP. Read How to Create Your Own Simple Linear Regression Equation, it will help you with this assignment.

Populate an excel sheet with the information, below. After you have installed the Analysis ToolPak, open “Data Analysis” and scroll down to “Regression” and click. The regression window will open. Run a regression analysis on the annual car sales, over the last three years, taken from William and Sam Automotive sales.

year      car sales 

2015      200

2016      250

2017      270

 What is your regression forecasting formula? Explain how the formula can be used to forecast future sales. Prepare a word document with your explanation and forecasting formula. Upload the word document and excel file to the course upload area.