M01: my career journal–250 words


I am an international student from China and my major is business.

This is your personal journal.  No one will see it except the instructor.  That means, you should feel free to express yourself when addressing the requirement.  The rubric is available under Course Resources.

There are three journal entries required during this course.  The first entry requires you to search employment opportunities through Indiana Career Explorer on MyIvy.  To do this, follow the steps below.  When you have found at least two that you might be interested in, discuss them and what they require.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of the careers you chose?  What would it take to be able to have these careers?  If you have a family and/or children, would these careers affect them or your lifestyle as it is now?  What obstacles will you have to face, and how would you overcome them?

If you are currently employed, extremely happy with your job, and have no plans to move up the ladder of success, I applaud you, but you must still complete the assignment, which is worth 30 points.  Follow the rubric, which can be found under the Resources tab.

30.0 pts

There is evidence the student completed the assignment activities prior to posting to the journal. Course and/or outside material was used in the student’s response. The student used critical thinking to express his/her opinion.