Lean Six Sigma




Quiz 2
Q1. (15 Marks) list three main CTQs of a Lean Six Sigma project for online retailers (e.g.
Shopify, Amazon, …).
Q2. (30 Marks) List five reasons/causes (Xs) for each CTQ.
Q3. (30 Marks) Choose one of the CTQs and develop hypotheses and test about the
relationships between the Xs and the selected CTQ.
Hint: This is step 7 of the Analysis phase. You do not need to provide numerical analysis.
Just, provide your Theory and Conclusion.
Q4. (5 Marks) Select one reason/cause (X) at the end as the most important one.
Q5. (20 Marks) List and explain 3 alternatives for the selected reason/cause (X) to address
the problem.


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