Journal Write a journal on each of the following topics. 1. Explain how the

Write a journal on each of the following topics:
1.     Explain how the United States got involved in World War II.
2.     Examine the ways the United States mustered its economic resources and promoted popular support for the war effort.
3.     Identify the main characteristics of the affluent society of the 1950s.
4.     Explain the ways in the which the 1950s were a period of consensus both in domestic and foreign affairs.
5.     Identify the events and ideological conflicts that prompted the Cold War.
6.     Explain how the Cold War reshaped the ideas of American freedom.
7.     Examine the purposes and strategies of Johnson’s Great Society programs
8.     Identify the major policies of the Nixon administration on social and economic issues.
9.     Identify the major international initiatives of the Clinton administration in the aftermath of the Cold War.
10.   Identify the major policy elements of the war on terror in the wake of September 11, 2001.
Each separate entry should: 
o   Contain a minimum of 120 words.
o   Consist of a summary, paraphrase, synthesis of material you are reading/studying in this course.
o   be written in your own words – do not quote the work of others verbatim.
o   Discuss the subject matter that you are studying – do not simply agree/disagree.
o   Direct quotations should not be used; citations are not necessary.
o   Do not copy/paste information from any source.
o   No citations

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