Inmate Life

Background Information When a person is first arrested and placed in jail awaiting bail, there usually isn’t much processing beyond a search for weapons. Someone who has been convicte­d and sentenced faces a longer and more extensive procedure when they arrive at the prison where they will be spending the next few months, years or decades. In this section we will discuss and read about what it is like to live in a prison, how difficult it is, and what alternative punishments are available instead of prison. Instructions 1. Read Chapter 14 of your textbook, Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the Twenty-First Century. Use the link below to access the book 2. View Video 4.2: Prison and Alternative Punishments 3. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following prompt: a. Some argue that prison has become a “country club,” and that prisoners are provided too many rights and luxuries. Others claim just the opposite: they say that prison has become so bad that, in many cases, the conditions and treatment are a violation of basic human and constitutional rights. Which side is correct? Defend your answer with supported facts and statistics. Be sure to provide APA in-text citations as well as an APA reference page with all of your sources used. If you need more information on the APA guideline resources can be found on the IWU Resources page that is connected to the Course Dashboard.

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