Identify and describe the five “prerequisites” for urban industrialization.

1. Please identify and describe the five “prerequisites” for urban industrialization. Then describe some of the social costs of urban industrialization, and some of the benefits. 2. Please describe the ways in which rapid urban economic and social change can influence patterns of suicides, accidents, and homicides in an early industrial city (e.g., Philadelphia). In your answer, please discuss how and why different urban groups (e.g., women, African-American men, children, and white men) experienced different patterns of suicide, accidents, and homicide in Philadelphia between 1839 and 1901. 3. Please see the following graphic, which is a categorical bar chart showing the distribution of homicide weapons categories over time in Philadelphia. Referring to the bar chart, please describe the patterns of homicides by firearm, blunt instrument, and fists, feet, body over the three periods of study shown in the chart. Next, please describe why weapons used to commit homicides have changed during the study period.

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