I will pay for the following essay Starting a Business. The essay is to be 12 pa

I will pay for the following essay Starting a Business. The essay is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
&nbsp.From the onset, it was important for him to start thinking about the long-term plans of the business. Franchising or independent action was also considered in the business. Franchising was that where he was to work close when starting the business and taking it to the point where it is needed when running the business becomes easy and profitable in advantage. There was finding that once he became established and secure financially, franchising was a great disadvantage to the business (Bukar and Timothy, 2013). He chose the business as he wanted to manage it and choose the opportunity that has proven to be successful for those that had done the business before. He did not want to gamble on the development of new system. Franchising system that he used enabled him to provide a degree of marketing support. This is mainly an area of national advertising and recognition of name. In the long run, he considered investing in a far less money operating system as an independent service than as part of the franchise. He was also not tied to any formula that had been established as he operated independently. This is both an advantage to the business and also a drawback. The drawback that he had here was that there are no guidelines that he was to follow in accessing the services that he offered to the customers. All that he carried out was out of trial and error. As an independent owner, he had to research on every aspect of the business. This was both during and before the lifetime of the business.

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