I will pay for the following essay Organisational Behaviour3: Leadership. The es

I will pay for the following essay Organisational Behaviour3: Leadership. The essay is to be 20 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
This essay focuses on the analysis of the leadership, that is clearly an important part of social life and the life of a person particularly. Being a leader gives a person some advantages to realize his/her dreams or reach a goal with the assistance of the team of faithful followers. From the other side, being a leader demands the highest responsibility and self-awareness. A leader must have clear comprehension of his/her abilities to manage other people, the coherent vision of a situation and the ways to get a desired outcome. The best power, which can have a leader and that was discussed in this essay in details, is possessed of the natural charismatic ability to influence people. Such ability is the inherent nature of informal leaders. As concerning formal leaders, certainly, position, title, social status may give them power, but the power by itself will not make them effective leaders. The researcher of this essay created his own Theory of leadership and found out that the image of a charismatic leader is the most congruent to his understanding of leadership. The Theory of Transformational Leadership supports the viewpoints, that were presented in this essay by the researcher. In conclusion, the researcher sums up his study and states that practicing leadership and the development of the appropriate skills is important for the researcher as for a person with ambitions, that are to uncover his potential of effective leader, what would be useful in his further professional growing and career.

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