I need help with UW Stout INMGT765-900C Assignment Program financial planning Do

I need help with UW Stout INMGT765-900C Assignment Program financial planning Document. Below is the assignment document contents, Im just not sure what they are looking for, this is basically the only supporting document for the assignment.
Program Financial Plan Instructions
Purpose: A brief introductory statement defining the purpose of the financial plan, such as:   
The financial plan documents all the program’s financial aspects, as it describes the funding schedules and milestones, baseline budget, contract payments and schedules, financial reporting processes and mechanisms, and financial metrics.
The plan takes into account items such as risk reserves, potential cash flow problems, international currency rate fluctuations, future interest rate increases or decreases, local laws as appropriate, trends in the cost of materials and supplies, and contract incentives and penalty clauses. It also describes any funds to be retained in contracts as invoices are submitted for payment in those situations in which the contract terms and conditions contain a clause that specifies that a certain percent of the price will be retained and paid once the contract has been completed. It is necessary to recognize that programs may have multiple sources of funding, tend to be long in duration, may have multiple contractors, and may involve international work. Many of the environmental factors that affect this plan may be outside of the program manger’s direct control. Further, although the plan is drafted early in the program, it is an iterative document that should be further refined as the program progresses through the life cycle.
Financial framework and goals: This section identifies the overall financial environment for the program, as it pinpoints funds to be expended at key milestones and helps to ensure that money is spent efficiently with the least waste possible.
Are these just narrative in nature or are the answers supposed to have graphs and such?

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