HR difference in US and Canada

The research paper needs to be based on the paper that has been already been provided by the instructor. it should summarize the paper given and add two more resources. You will select one journal article from the list of articles provided to you: You may wish to skim each article to find the one that is of great interest to you. In your paper, you will describe the journal article for an audience of non-experts, using an appropriate level of detail and formality so that the specific issues addressed in the article are apparent. Your paper should NOT include the sections typically found in empirical journal articles (Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion). You are doing an essay paper. You must use APA style when citing articles in the text and for your reference section. The goals of the paper are to: 1) Indicate why the general topic of the journal article is of interest to non-experts. 2) Describe the main conclusions that can be drawn in the study. 3) Critically evaluate the ideas presented in the journal article and provide further evidence for the evaluation you do. You may wish to consult your textbook, course notes, and other sources for additional details regarding the issues discussed. Be sure to cite these sources appropriately. An electronic copy of term paper is due latest 9:00 AM on July 13, 2019. You are strongly encouraged to submit through blackboard. However, if for any technological reasons you are not able to submit the paper on the blackboard, you can email it to me. Late submissions that are up to 24 hours late will be penalized by a 10% grade reduction for the applicable assignment. Further, the penalty is 5% per day. Assignments that are late for more than a week (7 days) will receive a ‘0’ grade. Specific Instructions Your paper should be typed, with double-spacing. Margins and font size should follow APA (e.g., 1-inch margins, Times 12-point font). Refer: There is no minimum length, but most papers will fill between 5 and 8 pages (not including a title page, and the reference page, which must be included). All papers should adequately address the three goals described above. Expectations:Title page, essay, and reference list all to APA formatting standards. (An abstract is not required). Opening paragraph needs to capture your audience and introduce your short paper. A thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph is mandatory. Each topic sentence of each body paragraph introduces the point of focus for that paragraph. (Each topic sentence in each body paragraph appears in the order stated in the thesis statement.) The final paragraph summarizes the main points that you discussed in your essay and restates your thesis statement in a new and interesting way. A minimum of three articles including the one you choose, must be cited for this assignment within the body of your essay as well as on your reference list. All citations (in the text and on the reference page) must be consistent with APA style. Assume that your paper will be read by an intelligent layperson with no specific training in Industrial Relations. To be considered complete, your paper must include all information that would be necessary for such a reader to understand it. Limit the use of direct quotes, and make sure that you avoid plagiarism. I am happy to answer general questions about the papers and your writing. You may not work together on writing your papers, although you should feel free to discuss the topics and the journal articles with your classmates or me. Grading Grading will be based on both content and writing. When grading the form of your paper, I will examine the general clarity and organization of the paper. The content portion of your grade will reflect the extent to which your paper completely and accurately achieves the 3 goals described in the General Instructions. Note, however, that if your writing is not clear, this may have a negative impact on my ability to see that you have achieved these goals, so unclear writing may indirectly impact this part of your grade.

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