HOMEWORK1You are to prepare an article review – published within the last 6 months – on one of the following topics1) A better method to evaluate your personal finance alternatives2) Understanding personal opportunity costs3) Career trade-off decisions

You are to prepare an article review – published within the last 6 months – on one of the following topics:
1) A better method to evaluate your personal finance alternatives
2) Understanding personal opportunity costs
3) Career trade-off decisions
4) The importance of obtaining employment experience
5) How to make better purchase decisions
6) Why do I need insurance and how to determine what and how much I need
You are to choose the article and the publication from which it came.  Your articles can be from magazines, journals, newspapers, etc. and can be from paper or online sources.  There is no limit on the length of the article, but it should contain enough information for you to write two typed pages. Your review is to be two complete pages long, excluding the title page.  Each page is to be double-spaced.(Care should be used to complete the two pages, as shortened pages will result in a deduction.)
Your review will be graded using the following scale:
1)      What is the title of your article, and cite its source correctly.               1 point
2)      Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.                                 1 point
3)      Write a synopsis of the article.                                                          2 points
4)      Explain why you found the article particularly interesting.                   3 points
5)      Describe how the information in the article will aid you                      3 points                                                                             in your own financial planning and/or management and                                                                                                             the actions you will take to use this information.
Write up a two page paper of the topic of “Why a Person/Household Should have a Budget”.  Use at least two sources in the paper that are current in nature.  You are free to choose the direction you want your paper to go in.
Consumer Loan Comparison Exercise
The purpose of this exercise is to compare the costs associated with different sources of loans.  To prepare for this assignment you may wish to review pages 230 thru 245 in chapter 7.  You may also wish to look at #31 of the Personal Financial Planner in the back of your textbook or you may use the Excel spreadsheet provided below as a downloadable file.
Your assignment is to visit a commercial bank, a credit union, and a consumer finance company to obtain information on a loan for a specific purpose.  You get to determine what the purpose is and the amount of the loan you seek.  However, you must be consistent as you complete the assignment with each institution you visit.
Turn the assignment in as either an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file (NO APPLE PRODUCTS – I cannot open them).  This assignment would be a good one to complete while you are at home over the Thanksgiving holiday and you have some time to visit local institutions.

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