Hi, need to submit a 3250 words essay on the topic Quantitative Methods for Soci

Hi, need to submit a 3250 words essay on the topic Quantitative Methods for Social Health Research.
As the essay declares&nbsp.cigarette smoking has negative implication on the health of a person. Nevertheless, despite being aware of the effects of smoking, finds it hard to quit the habit. Governments have devised mechanisms of minimizing the amount of cigarette smoked with several measures including plain packaging of cigarette. Plain packaging of tobacco is a packaging that requires removal of all branding and only requires the manufacturer to print a brand name in mandated size in addition to a health warning to help in drawing the smokers’ attention more to the health warning. In relation to the 2010 statistical figures by Australian institute of health and welfare 2010, there is a significant reduction in daily smoking by 15% since 2007. However, it is still necessary to understand the impact of plain packaging of cigarette on the smoking habits to specific groups like the international students.This paper stresses that&nbsp.the influence of plain cigarette packaging depends on the smoking level of a person. For an addict, plain packaging has a little impact while, for a starter, the packaging would draw attention to the health warning.&nbsp.A randomized controlled trials experimental study found that branding has a significant influence on the development of a smoking habit.&nbsp.The smokers avoided all health warnings, while occasional smokers paid more attention to plain packs than those on the branded ones. The findings indicate that plain packaging of cigarette attracts more attention to the health warning than those of the branded ones, thus can influence the smoking habit.

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