Hi, I need help with essay on Tokyo vs Bangkok. Paper must be at least 1500 word

Hi, I need help with essay on Tokyo vs Bangkok. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Bangkok and Tokyo are about 3000 miles apart and similar yet different in many ways. They both have rivers passing through them and both lie close to bays and are both very rich as far as culture is concerned. Economically, Tokyo is superior to Thailand and had a higher cost of living too. Bangkok however, has a more metropolitan look than Tokyo since it has allowed many immigrants to live and work within the city. Tokyo has very tighter immigration laws and foreigners hold virtually no special rights in Tokyo. There is more of intercultural mixing in Bangkok.
Bangkok is located in the very central part of Thailand and this makes it a natural hub between the southern and northern Thailand. Bangkok’s location around the Chao Phraya delta has earned it the title of being Asia’s Rice bowl. This is because the river creates a fertile valley in which a lot of rice is grown and mostly exported. Bangkok’s position near a bay has enabled it host Thailand’s main international port. The city lies approximately six and a half feet above sea level, and this works as a disadvantage to the city whenever the season of monsoon rains begin. The rains cause River Chao Phraya to burst its banks and massively flood the city. The city’s climate is hot and warm almost all year round and this is probably why it is so popular with tourism. It has even been labeled to be the hottest city in the world. According to Mansfield, Tokyo occupies a huge swath of sedimentary deposits of the Kanto Plain which is in Honshu, the most populous and largest island in Japan. The city is situated on the coast of the eastern Pacific and its main features are the flatlands to its east, undulating hills to its west and the Sumida River.

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